Next dates of the international camp in Moscow: 15. to 28. April 2023

Every year we hold two International Training Camps. Often they are in Turkey, sometimes in Russia, we have also been in Sharm el Sheik. These countries are selected because Russians do not need visas in these countries.

The prerequisites to attend a camp are to be a registered student, preclear, or OT in an official Ron’s Org. Therefore, registration always goes through the CO of your org.

The goal is to be able to continue intensively on your Bridge.Meeting in Antalya

In a training Camp, there is always a standard course room. There are auditors and C/Ses.

There is also always a practical course room where you can do Hard TRs and other exercises. Most of the time there is also a Purification Rundown.

So the range of services goes from TRs up to Class XII and OT levels.

The goal is to progress on the Bridge, on a course and/or in auditing. When we are in the south, the schedule is set up so that we have one unit over the lunch break for the beach and of course for lunch. The other four units are for training or auditing. It is not mandatory to attend all four units.

Children and adults TRsWe try to keep the prices in a lucrative range. More luxurious rooms are also possible depending on their availability.

It is mandatory to book through our agency, even if you supposedly know which hotel it is.

Our travel agency can change the hotel at the last moment, however, the area will remain the same; if for example Antalya has been chosen as the airport, then it will remain so.

If you don’t know who to register with, you can write to me at When you register, we will also discuss what you will be doing so it can be organized.

Supervisor and studentThe camp is held twice a year. In spring it is the last two full weeks in April and in autumn it is the last two full weeks in October.

The flight, cab, etc. is not included in the hotel price.

A Camp is certainly not a vacation like you usually take. It’s a great combination of studying, meeting friends, beach, great hotel, relaxing and still having a good production – which is important for the morale.

To be a group, we have to see each other regularly, and in fact physically, so that we can see each other and hug each other. And we must do something together.

Much love
Max Hauri


From 27 May 1971

The essential ingredient of any post is Service.

A hat essentially is contributive. It contributes to the general production of the team.

Contributism is a philosophy in itself. You find it in The Factors. You also find it would apply in economics. One contributes. One is contributed to. By others contributing to others who then contribute back, one is also benefited.

When contribution is cut or not allowed, denied or withheld, one gets the phenomenon of ARC Break in the form of cut C – Communication. (Where A is Affinity and R is Reality.)

ARC Breaks precede harmful intentional acts.

Thus you can expect that when contribution is not balanced to some degree, trouble and upset occurs.

From such breakdowns we get the violence of strikes, political philosophies and even revolution.

A welfare state requiring no contribution will at length be paid in revolution.

A hat “worn” without contributing to the team or without contributing one’s real efforts will cause (a) an upset and discomfort in oneself (b) a harmful reaction from others and (c) reactions within the remainder of the team.

Morale is dependent upon production. Production is accomplished by numerous contributions of thought or effort.

Any existing organization or civilization is the sum total of its past and current contributors in terms of thought and effort.

Some contribute much, some little.

Rewards are not necessarily proportional to contribution and do not necessarily establish the degree of contribution.

Actually, a “reward” is what one desires, not what is given.

Approval and validation are often far more valuable than material rewards and are usually worked for far harder than mere pay.

Even being part of an important team is a return contribution. Thus “customer approval” of the team is part of the rewards one achieves.

The subject of what one receives in return for contributing is as variable as the desires of Man.

Anyone who has a hat is expected to contribute the services outlined by the hat.

Other teammates and customers or clientele or “the public” expect a staff member to contribute his specialized services to those who seek them.

Thus Service is a keynote of a hat.

Many years ago when I first looked this over, I had a high position of command. After a great deal of sorting out, I finally concluded that the only privilege it conferred on me was the right to serve. After that, I could handle the post. And was happy with it.

Certain it is that degradation is inevitable when the Right to Serve is interrupted or denied.

It is worth thinking about in relation to happiness.

L. Ron Hubbard